Datalogic PowerScan PBT9100

Industrial linear imager for warehouse and production



Datalogic’s PowerScan PBT9100 is a barcode scanner which combines the good aim of a laser scanner with the speed of a linear imager. The green scan line captures 1D barcodes quickly and precisely, and proves itself particularly in warehouses and shipping departments, as well as during quality control and inventory. Workers move up to 90 meters from the base without losing the connection. If you need more freedom of movement mount the device to a forklift or other vehicle.
The PBT9100 supports you with a variety of connectivity options: connect to the base via RS-232, USB or keyboard wedge – or establish a direct connection to a common Bluetooth-capable device. Optionally you receive the PBT9100 with Ethernet. Its battery life will also impress: up to 50,000 consecutive scans on a single charge. The scanner is IP65-protected against dust and jet water, plus resists falls from heights up to 2 m. A 36-month warranty further secures your investment.