Honeywell SF61B

Small scanner – large performance



The Honeywell SF61B is capable of more than its compact housing lets on. Inside the powerful imaging technology captures 1D or 2D barcodes, according to the model. It features an integrated Bluetooth module (Class 1) which reliably provides a wireless connection within a range of maximum 100 m. For the average working environment though, a working range of approximately 30 m is standard. The barcode scanner is fully compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.
The integrated triple good scan confirmation supports users in every area effectively and removes all doubt about a successful scan. High robustness and a powerful battery provide top performance daily, even in challenging warehouse and production surroundings. The housing is IP65-certified, and withstands drops up to 2 m onto concrete and steel. The battery lasts longer than an entire shift and may be exchanged on-site. Scan up to 28,000 times on one charge. This reduces downtimes to a minimum.