Zebra GX420d/420t/430t

Direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers




User-friendliness, durability and reliability make GX series printers the best-in-class. They have a sleek and compact design and are the first choice in areas like healthcare, retail, catering, postal and parcel service, etc. All Zebra GX models are available as space-saving direct thermal versions (with smaller dimensions), or as combination of direct thermal and thermal transfer technologies and are the most convenient system for loading ink ribbons on the market.
A resolution of 8 dots/mm (203dpi) or 12 dots/mm (300dpi) guarantees professional printing results on labels of a width of up to 108 mm. A printing speed of up to 152 mm per second meets all your low- to medium-volume printing requirements.

The GX-series comes standard with EPL and ZPL programming languages and triple connectivity for easy integration into existing systems.

Printer mechanisms and housing match perfectly: a robust double-walled housing made of shock-resistant ABS plastic protects against impacts and other mechanical influences. The housing surface is not only easy to clean – its grey colour naturally protects against visible stains. Various integrable functions such as adjustable media sensors, cutters and linerless printing make the G series printers a family of all-rounders that are prepared for the future.

The GX420s version comes with numerous security features that protect the printer as well as the consumables from unauthorised access and theft. The most important ones are a lockable casing and a print distance-meter to verify the actual consumption. Further general options available are the memory extensions, a real-time clock, dispensers and cutters.