Datalogic Gryphon I GD4200

Linear imager for general purpose applications



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The Gryphon I GD4200 linear imager is specifically designed for use in retail, office, pharmacies, light industry, warehouses & manufacturing. You stay flexible when connecting peripherals, thanks to its interface options, which include USB-C, RS-232 and a keyboard wedge.
Its reading performance (max. 400 reads/sec.) increases output, accelerating reading performance of hard-to-read or damaged codes, as well as high- and low-density codes. These features make the Gryphon I GD4200 a powerful scanner for data capture. Naturally it is equipped with »Green Spot« and Motionix technology, as well as exclusive 3GL (»3 Green Lights«), for confirmation of a good read. The elegant, trendy design of the Gryphon I GD4200, its excellent ergonomics and IP52 rating make it a reliable partner everyday.