Datalogic Magellan 3510HSi

High-performance in-counter scanner for the POS

Datalogic Magellan 3510HSi, 2D, multi-IF, kit (USB)
built-in scanner, 2D, imager, tin oxide glas, micro SD-Slot, multi-interface (RS232, USB), 0,98kg, IP52, incl.: cable (USB, cable length 4.5 m), mounting frame, order separately: power supply unit, power cable

Datalogic Magellan 3510HSi, 2D, USB, multi-IF
built-in scanner, 2D, imager, sapphire glass, micro SD-Slot, USB (type A), multi-interface (RS232, USB, IBM), IP52, incl.: mounting frame, order separately: interface cable, power supply unit, power cable


The high-performance Datalogic Magellan 3510HSi scanner ensures high-quality, reliable image processing at the POS in retail. It captures all common 1D, 2D and optionally Digimarc barcodes (digital watermarks) in nearly any condition, both in printed form and digitally from a mobile phone display. Its reading rate is up to 30 million pixels per second with a maximum reading range of up to 10.2 centimetres.
Another benefit of the Magellan 3510HSi is its subtle, adaptive lighting, which not only reliably helps with barcode scanning, but is also easy on the user’s eyes – perfect for long workdays with a lot of customer traffic. The compact design of the scanner is also impressive: with dimensions of merely 152 x 152 x 87 millimetres (W x L x D), it is easily integrated into existing POS systems. Power supply, data transmission and peripheral connection are ensured via the USB and RS-232 interfaces. Also, the performance of the Magellan 3510HSi may be further expanded via EASEOFCARE service contracts.