Elo Touch Solutions 02-Series

Touchmonitors for hospitality and retail




The 02-Series from Elo: your touchmonitor quartet for the highest demands in image quality and reliability. Available in screen sizes of 19”, 22”, 24” and 27”, these displays impress, above all, through their clear design and compact construction. Modern PCAP technology, which is also used in smartphones, enables operation with up to 10 simultaneous touch points. These and other qualities particularly pre-destine the monitors for retail and hospitality, but they also pay off in public authorities and other fields of application.
Content displayed on such a touchscreen is easy to see – even from the most unfavorable viewing angles. Therefore, the 02-Series especially proves its worth at the point of sale – whether for the presentation of advertising, for digital customer interaction or even as an ordering and sales terminal. Add to this a wealth of installation options: the Elo 02-Series is compatible with a variety of mounting systems and allows you to connect many peripheral devices, such as magnetic card readers and fingerprint scanners. A 3-year factory warranty ensures for a safe investment.