Elo Touch Solutions 2201L

Durable full HD widescreen touchmonitor



With the Elo Touch Solutions 2201L LCD desktop monitor, you always put your best foot forward. Its full HD display gives you the greatest clarity for perfect pictures, while its 55.9 cm widescreen (22”) gives users more space for multiple applications. The 2201L is currently available with IntelliTouch Plus and iTouch technology.
Use this touchmonitor for kiosk and information stations, for loyalty systems, for building automation, or all normal checkout applications. It is ideal for use in public areas with frequently changing users, since its displays are not only aesthetic, but have been designed to be durable under heavy usage. It comes with integrated speakers (2×2 watts), DVI, VGA and headphone jack, for optimal media presentation performance. Optional magnetic card reader and webcam expand the range of applications.