Glancetron 15L

Glancetron 15L touch monitor




With the Glancetron 15L you get a high performance touch screen monitor from the introductory line with first-class performance and robust design that will even impress demanding users. A perfectly synchronised range of features, stylish design and high ergonomics with high performance components predestines this monitor for diverse applications at the POS, but also for industrial and logistics applications.
The integrated touch screen of the 38.1 cm (15”) display receives signals from the touch sensitive surface via 5-wire resistant touch technology and transforms them automatically into mouse commands for the USB port. Touch capability is enabled in all software without cumbersome adaptation, while the cursor itself can be controlled directly with your finger – every application can be used without additional entry devices. This is always a critical advantage, in particular at cramped cashier stations where people are trying to save POS resources in order to create additional space for products and additional workstations.

Through its especially elegant design and compact dimensions (only 420 x 340 x 200 mm, L x H x W), the display integrates itself into every workstation while saving space. The sophisticated operation concept – with quickly customised settings using a convenient OSD menu, a pen for calibration and operation integrated into the housing and a variably adjustable stand – impresses in the most diverse applications and is perfectly suited where users change frequently. Moreover, the pen is always available and allows for detailed navigation, in particular for software with many elements and various information, but also for simple touch screen calibration. The stable stand prevents tipping by the user, is continuously adjustable, thereby adjusting itself to every requirement for viewing and operation.

High performance and a first-class price-performance ratio distinguish this monitor: as an introductory device with the LED backlight, a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels, a brightness of 250 Nits and a reaction time of 16 ms, it is the ideal touch monitor for a number of application possibilities. With a viewing angle of 45°, it is easily readable from the side and well visible even in direct lighting.