Glancetron 17L

A lot of touch for a low price



Such a low price for such high quality! With the Glancetron touch monitor 17L you have everything under control: the 17” monitor with integrated resistive touch display offers reliable touch and a high degree of expansion potential on a small footprint. This makes it flexibly usable in numerous applications in retail, at restaurant counters, for maintenance, etc.
With its 17” (43.2 cm) display it offers a large presentation area for everything you have planned for it. According to your needs expand the functionality of the Glancetron 17L easily with optional peripheral devices. At your disposal you will find a VFD customer display, as well as a magnetic card reader or fingerprint reader. These practical peripheral devices are directly fixed to the monitor via the integrated USB hub, to save you space. This greatly increases both the functionality and areas of application of this touch monitor. All modules may be retrofitted easily on-site, to allow you to react quickly to changing requirements and usage areas. The USB hub additionally allows you to increase the variety of applications, using additional peripheral devices.

Its backlit LED display ensures for good readability. The brightness of 250 Nits is more than sufficient for an attractive presentation of all contents, even in changing light conditions. The resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels guarantees high picture sharpness at all times. Its easy adjustability is especially favored by changing users: from a nearly completely vertical position (4°) the 17L touch monitor can be adjusted to be completely horizontal. This way, you quickly and easily accommodate differences in height and possible screen reflections.

Integration into existing systems is quite easy. The 17L comes equipped with both DVI and VGA interfaces; touch signals are transferred via USB touch interface. All cables aesthetically disappear into the integrated cable cover underneath the stand, giving you a tidy appearance and hindering any cable tangle. The Glancetron 17L is also VESA-compatible. For an alternative mounting option simply remove the stand and use a 100 x 100 mm VESA wall mount.