Honeywell Eclipse 5145

Miniature laser scanner for small barcodes


The Eclipse 5145 is a powerful single-line hand-held barcode scanner for all popular barcode types. A compact housing and a vast range of programming and connectivity options make it the perfect all-round scanner for many typical barcode applications.
With its modern laser engine, the Eclipse 5145 has a larger scanning range and wider scan field than any other CCD scanner. It provides aggressive scanning at high rates and even reads high resolution or small barcodes without errors. This allows for cash desk applications, but also at the jewelry shop, or for scanning tiny electronic components or mechanical elements. The Eclipse 5145 withstands repeated drops from 1.5 m onto concrete and its housing protects it from dust. The low weight of only 97 g makes it a real lightweight.The optional CodeGate function first buffers all scanned data. This feature is well suited for very small barcodes, menu scanning or document scanning.