Honeywell Fusion 3780

Omnidirectional handheld scanner


Honeywell 3780, 1D, USB, kit (USB), black 
handheld scanner, retail, 1D, omnidirectional, CodeGate function, switchable scan pattern, 1333 scans/sec., USB, incl.: cable (USB), stand, colour: black




Compared to other handheld laser scanners, the Fusion 3780 offers you unrivalled performance. The compact scan head is equipped with omni-directional laser optics that scan and decode barcodes at any angle. This makes it ideal for all demanding applications at cash desks, warehouses, workshops, medical technology, etc.
The advantages of omni-directional scan optics are that a complete scan grid is projected onto the barcode. This makes it possible to scan the barcode in any direction. The user simply directs the scan head to the label and the barcode is scanned. Its 1,333 scans per second make this scanner particularly fast. The scanner has a reading range of up to 28 cm.The Fusion 3780 is very robust: repeated drops from 1.5 m height onto concrete do not have any effect. In the provided stand the handheld scanner becomes a presentation scanner which automatically recognises when it is placed into the stand and automatically activates the barcode sensor mode.