Zebra DS2208-HC

Ergonomic 2D healthcare scanner

Zebra DS2208-HC, 2D, multi-IF, kit (USB), white
handheld scanner, healthcare, 2D, imager, multi-interface (RS232, KBW, USB), protection class: IP52, incl.: cable (USB, straight, 2 m), colour: white




The Zebra DS2208-HC is an ergonomic 2D scanner for all healthcare areas. From patient wristbands and medication bottles up to infusion bags and sample trays – thanks to PRZM technology, the scanner captures 1D and 2D barcodes at all times without errors and to the user’s satisfaction.
In order to always be able to rely on the scanner, even on work-intensive days, Zebra specifically designed it to be robust. It withstands multiple impacts from up to 1.5 meters and is IP52-certified against dust deposits and diagonally falling, dripping water. Plus, the deeply recessed scan window is scratch-proof and the housing easily withstands regular cleaning with common disinfectants.

Numerous interfaces ensure good performance and high operational readiness of the DS2208-HC: USB, RS-232, keyboard wedge and RS-485. Another big plus here is the automatic cable recognition, which automatically selects the correct interface.

The DS2208-HC allows for a quick switch between presentation and handheld modes. For presentation mode simply place the scanner in the presentation stand. Once it is picked up it automatically switches to handheld mode. Also, an innovative targeting line optically shows the ideal distance from the scanner to the barcode during the scanning process. Successful scans are signalled with an acoustic tone and an LED light. For noise-sensitive areas the scanner features a »Do not disturb« mode. In this mode light is projected onto the barcode to be captured, with which the user easily recognises a successful scan without any noise.

The DS2208-HC is supported by the service offerings Zebra OneCare and DataCapture DNA – for top support and easy handling. Zebra’s DataCapture DNA is based on a range of unique tools that allow users to reduce the total operating costs, as well as to accomplish more tasks during the day than before.