Zebra DS3678

Bluetooth 2D barcode scanner for industrial applications



The resilient Bluetooth industrial scanner Zebra DS3678 offers superior performance combined with extreme durability. Thanks to its innovative housing design and use of area imaging technology, the device comprises no moving parts. This makes the well-balanced handheld scanner nearly completely dust- and watertight (IP67) and resistant to drops up to 2.4 m high. The DS3678 thus is perfectly suitable for any harsh applications indoors and outdoors, even with extreme temperatures from -30 to +50 °C. What is more, this is the only scanner series on the market that possesses an IP65-certified Bluetooth charging and communication cradle, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and, thanks to patented technology, uninterrupted data transfer without interfering with internal radio networks.
Whether standard, ER, HD, HP or DPM barcodes – there is a dedicated version of the DS3678 for any application, quickly and reliably capturing almost all 1D or 2D barcodes in a range up to 21 m. Good reads are confirmed through a practical triple feedback: two bright LEDs in the sight field, a distinct sound and a short vibration ensure unambiguous response at every scan and greatly increase user-efficiency.